Gorakhgad is a hill fort which is located near Dehri village in Murbad Taluka of Thane District in Maharashtra, India. Gorakhgad is must visit place to all the Adventure lovers, Trekkers, Photographers and Travellers. Gorakhgad Fort is one of the famous trekking place near Mumbai and Thane.

Rainbow – Gorakhgad Fort Trek

Base Village: Dehri Village

Elevation/Height: 2137 ft.

Grade Level: Medium

Endurance level: Easy

Nearest Railway Station: Kalyan



gorakhgad trek route
Thrilling Rock Climb during Gorakhgad Trek Route

Gorakhgad Fort Information: Gorakhagad Fort was an important fort in Thane District. Gorakhgad Fort is continuation of Bhimashankar Mountain Range in Sahyadri Hills. There is no major history available about Gorakhgad Fort. It is said that, Gorakhgad Fort was used by sadhus or hermits for meditation. Gorakhgad also used to protect or guard ancient trade route that is Naneghat Mountain Pass.

More than a Fort, Gorakhgad was used as Watchtower. Gorakhagd and Machindragad are twin fort. Machindragad is lower than Gorakhgad. Gorakhagad Fort offers excellent view Machindragad, Siddhagad Fort, Ahupe Ghat, Naneghat, Jivdhan Fort, Durg and Dhakoba.

View of Siddhagad Fort

Gorakhgad Trek Route: Gorakhagd Trek route is simple and well marked till the top of Gorakhgad Fort. Gorakhgad Trek begins from gate named as Gorakhgad entrance gate. Initial route is single route and goes through dense forest. After one hour of hiking, we reach at small plateau. This plateau provides amazing view of Ahupe Ghat and Siddhagad Fort.

machindragad Box
Machindragad – Twin Fort of Gorakhgad

After plateau route goes through forest and within an half an hour we reach at base of Gorakhgad Fort. There is small temple dedicated to Saint Bhairavnath. From here, There are rock cut stairs which are simple to climb. Now, We will reach Main entrance gate of Gorakhgad Fort. Then, We will reach at huge cave. This cave is big and can easily accomodate about 40 people.

Lord Bhairavnath Temple
Gorakhgad Cave


Gorakhnath & Machindranath Statue Carved in Mountain


After cave, There are very steep rock cut stairs which are almost 80 degree and this is the most difficult patch of Gorakhagad fort. Avoid this climb in heavy rains as fall from here takes you to 1500 ft valley. On the top, there is small temple of Lord Shiva.

Vertical Rock Cut Stairs


Lord Shiva Temple

Things to See on Gorakhgad Fort Trek:

  1. Shiva Temple
  2. Huge Gorakhagd Cave
  3. Multiple Water Tanks
  4. Bhaivravnath Temple
  5. View of Bhimashankar Mountain Range
  6. View of Naneghat, Jivdhan Fort, Durg and Dhakoba

Best Time to Visit: Gorakhgad Fort can be visited anytime.

Time Required to Reach Gorakhgad Top: 2 Hours

How to reach Gorakhgad Fort: Gorakhgad Fort can be reach via Kalyan Railway Station. We have to board any bus which is going to Murbad From Kalyan. From Kalyan to Murbad bus frequency is very good. From Murbad, we can either go by ST bus or share tum-tum

Murbad to Gorakhgad via Bus: Bus frequency is not that good.

Bus Time Table:

Murbad to Dehri Village: 11.10am, 12.15pm, 14.30pm, 15.45pm, 4.30pm, 18.25pm, 20.40pm.

Dehri Village to Murbad: Last bus from Dehri Village to Murbad is at 7.00pm

Murbad to Gorakhgad via TumTum: Catch share tumtum from Murbad to Mhasha Village. fare is Rs. 20 per person. From Mhasha village, catch share tumtum to reach Dehri Village(Base of Gorakhgad). fare is about Rs. 15 per person.

Camping / Accommodation Facility: Gorakhgad Fort has very small area and Camping is not possible on top. The Best place to stay is Gorakhgad cave which is quite huge.

Food / Water Facility: Food and Water Facility is available in Dehri Village. There Multiple water tanks on Gorakhgad trek but Water is not potable. Carry enough water with you.

Places to Visit near Gorakhgad Fort:

Gorakhgad Fort Trek

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