Harihar Fort is Hill Fort which is located in Nashik District of Maharashtra, India. Harihar fort is one of the popular treks in the Western Ghats (Sahyadri) due to its 80-degree rock-cut stairs. Harihar fort is filled with adventure, thrill, and beauty that makes it must do trek for every traveler and trekker.

Harihar Fort

Base Village: Nirgudpada or Harshewadi

Elevation/Height: 3676 Feet or 1120 meters

Nearest Railway Station:

There are 3 railway stations to reach Harihar Fort

  • 43km from Igatpuri
  • 51km from Kasara
  • 40km from Nashik

Grade level: Easy to Moderate

Endurance Level: Medium

Time Required to Reach the Top: 1 and 1/2 Hours from Harshewadi village and 2 Hours from Nirgudpada

Best Time to Visit: Any Time

View of Harihar Fort from Nirgudpada Village
Harihar Fort Trek Route

Harihar Fort Information

Harihar fort was constructed to keep watch on the trade route of Gonda Ghat. Harihar Fort was built during The Yadav period. In 1636, The great Shahaji Raje captured Harihar fort along with Brahmagiri. Later Mughals captured this fort from Marathas. In 1670 Moropant Pingle captured this fort from. In the end, this fort was captured by Britishers in 1818. The fort was captured by Captain. Briggs and he planned to destroy the main entrance of the fort, but when he saw the beauty of 80-degree steep cut stairs, he changed his mind. Harihar fort is one of the rare forts which was not destroyed by Britishers.

View of Bhaskargad, Fani Hill and Utwad Hill
Harihar Fort Steep Stairs

Harihar fort looks like rectangle shape when we see it from Nirgudpada but if you see this fort from its highest point then you know this fort has a triangle shape. 80-degree steep rock-cut stairs are the only way to enter this fort. It makes difficult for the enemy to capture this fort. There are about a total of 117 stairs are present. after external stairs, we will come through internal stairs like Kothaligad Fort. Harihar Fort provides a great view of Bhaskargad Fort, Brahmaparvat, Brahmagiri – Durg Bhandar, Fani Hill, Navra Navri, Utwad, and Vaitrana Dam.

Harihar Fort
80-Degree Steep Rock Cut Stairs

Harihar Fort Trek Route

Nirgudpada Village – Paddy Fields – Jungle Route – Open Plateau – Small Ridge – 80 Degree Rock Cut Stairs – Main Entrance Gate

Harihar fort trek route is simple and well mark till the top. There is no such risky patch Enroute the trek. It takes 2 hours from Nirgudpada and 1 and 1/2 Hour form Haarshewadi village to reach Harihar Fort. The route is exciting and we can see some mesmerizing view during the trek.

Things to See on Harihar Fort Trek:

  • 80 Degree Rock Cut Stairs
  • Main Entrance Gate
  • Internal Stairs
  • Multiple Water Tanks
  • Small Storage Room (Kothi)
  • View of Trimbakeshwar Mountain Range
  • Chor Darwaja
  • Temple of Lord Hanuman and Shiv Linga

Food / Water Facility: There are some hotels available at base village. You will get many small stalls en route to Harihar and they provide food and water.

Steep Rock Cut Stairs
View from Top of Harihar Fort
View of Brahma Parvat
Chor Darwaja of Harihar Fort

How to Reach Harihar Fort

There are two ways to reach Harihar Fort, one via Harshewadi and another via Nirgudpada Village. If you are coming from Nashik the Harshewadi is near for you. But, If you are coming from Mumbai then opt for Nirgudpada Village.

To reach Nirgudpada there are two ways,

  • Mumbai – Kalyan – Kasara – Khodala – Nirgudpada
  • Mumbai – Kalyan – Bhiwandi – Wada – Khodala – Nirgudpada

Total Cost of My Journey

I travel from Mumbai so I opt for Nirgudpada Village.

  • Thane to Kasara (By Train): Rs. 50 (Return Ticket)
  • Kasara to Khodala (By Share Jeep): Rs. 50
  • Khodala to Nirgudpada (By Bus): Rs. 35

My Return Journey

  • Nirgudpada to Khodala (By Share Jeep): Rs. 50
  • Khodala to Kasara (By Share Jeep): Rs. 50

Note: Make sure you reach the base village before 4 pm. There is no public transport available after 4 pm.

Places to Visit near Garbett Point:

  1. Bhaskargad / Basgad Fort
  2. Brahmagiri – Durg Bhandar
  3. Trimbakeswar Temple
  4. Fani Hill
  5. Utwad Hill
  6. Anjneri Fort
  7. Vaitarna Dam

Please Keep the Nature Clean and Green

Harihar Fort Trek

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