Mrugagad is Hill Fort located near Bheliv Village in Sudhagad Taluka of Raigad District, Maharashtra, India. Mrugagad Fort is part of Lonavala Mountain Range and it is one of the unexplored forts in Maharashtra.

Road to Bheliv Village

Base Village: Bheliv

Elevation/Height: 1750 feet or 533 meters

Nearest Railway Station: Khopoli

Grade level: Medium

Endurance Level: Easy

Time Required to Reach the Top: 1 Hour

Best Time to Visit: June to January

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View of Moradi Pinnacle and Mrugagad from Base Village

Mrugagad Fort Information

Mrugagad Fort is also known as “Bhelivcha Killa” due to Bheliv Village situated at its base. There are three mountains near the village and amongst three mountains, the middle one is Mrugagad Fort. Mrugagad provides an amazing view of Moradi Pinnacle, Lions Point and other mountains in Lonavala region. Not much known about the history of this fort. But, it is said that this fort was used during the fight between Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Karatlab Khan for Umberkhind. This fort is in ruin condition as we hardly see any fortification. Mrugagad fort offers some breath-taking views in monsoon season making your trek a beautiful and pleasant one.

Mrugagad Fort Trek Route
Small Cave at Mrugagad Fort
Risky Patch towards small Cave

Mrugagad Fort Trek Route

Bheliv Village – Jungle Route – Small Khind Climb – Rock Cut Stairs – Mrugagad Fort Top

Mrugagad Fort trek begins from behind the temple. The initial route goes through the jungle. The route is well marked with white arrows painted on rocks. after the jungle route, we have to climb small khind(valley) between two mountains. After this climb, there is a diversion. the right path takes us to a small cave and straight path takes us to rock-cut stairs. after climbing rock-cut stairs we reach the top of Mrugagad fort.

Mrugagad Fort Trek Route
Rock-Cut Stairs at Mrugagad Fort

Things to See on Mrugagad Fort Trek:

  1. Small Cave
  2. Rock Cut Stairs
  3. Small Temple of Lord Hanuman
  4. Temple of Goddess Mahishasurmardini
  5. Multiple Water Tanks
  6. View of Lonavala Mountain Range

Camping / Accommodation Facility: There is no place for camping on Mrugagad fort. However, one can stay in Bheliv village.

Food / Water Facility: There are no hotels near Mrugagad Fort. However, Arrangement of food and water can be done by People of Bheliv village. Carry enough food and water supply with you.

Rock Cut Stairs
Mrugagad Fort Top

How to Reach Mrugagad Fort

Get down at Khopoli Railway station. Khopoli can be easily reached from Mumbai, Pune and Thane. From Khopoli Bus stop catch bus going to Parali village. From Parali village we have to take share jeep to Mangaon Village. From Mangaon village walks 2km to reach Bheliv village which is the base village.

Awesome View from Top of Mrugagad Fort

Total Cost of My Journey

  • Thane to Khopoli (By Train): Rs. 50 (Return Ticket)
  • Khopoli Bus Stop to Khopoli Phata (By Share Auto): Rs.10 per person
  • Khopoli Phata to Parali Village (By Share Jeep): Rs.25 per person
  • Parali Village to Mangaon Village (By Share Jeep): Rs.15 per person
  • Mangaon Village to Bheliv Village: We walk 2km

Places to Visit near Mrugagad Fort:

  1. UmberKhind
  2. Lions Point
  3. Moradi Pinnacle
  4. Lonavala – Khandala Hill Station
  5. Imagica Water Park

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Mrugagad Fort Trek

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