Kalu Waterfall is the highest and largest waterfall in Malshej Region. Kalu waterfall in one of the less explored places in Maharashtra. Kalu waterfall can be seen from Malshej Ghat main road but its structure is such that 90% of the falls is hidden.

Kalu Waterfall

Nearest Village: Thibti / Khireshwar

Elevation/Height: 370m

Nearest Railway Station: Kalyan

Grade level: Easy

Endurance Level: Easy

Best Time to Visit: September – October

Kalu Waterfall

Kalu Waterfall Information

Kalu waterfall comes in Malshej Region. Kalu waterfall originates from Harishchandragad mountains and flows through Khireshwar village. Kalu waterfall falls from Deccan plateau to Konkan region. There is another falls near this waterfall known as Mahuli Waterfall (as per local people). Kalu waterfall and Mahuli waterfall meet and form Kalu River.

Kalu Waterfall

Surrounding region of Kalu waterfall looks beautiful and picturesque. Kalu waterfall falls in five stages. all five stages can not be seen at a time. Only rappellers can see all five stages of Kalu waterfall. Height of Waterfall Rappelling is about 1200ft. Kalu waterfall was first rappelled in 1993 by Camp Fire India group lead by Arun Sawant. A person who pioneered in conquering every mountain in Sahyadri.

Kalu waterfall is a seasonal waterfall. During monsoon, it flows dangerously whereas in summer it is completely dry. Kalu waterfall should not be visited in during heavy rains. Best months to visit this waterfall are September and October.

View of Kalu waterfall
Kalu Waterfall

Camping / Accommodation Facility: There are so some hotels near Malshej Ghat for accommodation. We can also get accommodation in Khireswar village. If you want to visit the base of the waterfall from Thibti Village. There are forest rest houses which one can pre-book. The houses are tents and small nature cottages, not big hotels which bonds close to nature

Food / Water Facility: There are many hotels near Malshej Ghat, We can easily get food and water. However, Arrangement of food and water can be done by People of Khireshwar village.

Kalu Waterfall

How to Reach Kalu Waterfall:

Get Down at Kalyan Railway Station which is nearest Railway Station. From Kalyan Catch any bus going towards Malshej Ghat and Get Down at Khubi Phata. From Khubi Phata walk almost 2km to reach the top of Kalu Waterfall. If you have two-wheeler then you can offroad till Waterfall.

Either you can reach the top of the Waterfall or Base of the waterfall. Top of the waterfall can be reached via Khireshwar village whereas the base of the waterfall can be reached via Thibti village.

View of Harishchandragad

Total Cost of My Journey:

  • Thane to Kalyan (By Train): Rs. 20 (Return Ticket)
  • Kalyan to Khubi Phata (By Bus): Rs. 110
  • Khubi Phata to Kalyan (By Bus): Rs. 110
  • Total Cost of My Journey: Rs. 240

Places to Visit near Kalu Waterfall:

  1. Malshej Ghat
  2. Harishchandragad Trek
  3. Sindola Fort
  4. Pimpolgaon Joga Dam

Please Keep the Nature Clean and Green

Kalu Waterfall – Highest Waterfall in Malshej Ghat

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