Sondai is small hill fort which is located near Karjat in Raigad District of Maharashtra, India. There are so many famous treks in Karjat region like Peb fort, Irshalgad fort, Rajmachi, Kothaligad and Bhimshankar. Sondai fort is less popular forts in Karjat region.

View of Matheran, Prabalgad and Sondewadi Village

Base Village: Sondewadi

Elevation/Height: 1200 ft or 366 m

Nearest Railway Station: Karjat

Grade level: Easy

Endurance Level: Easy

Time Required to Reach the Top: 1 Hour

Best Time to Visit: June to January

View of Morbe Dam

Sondai Fort Information

Sondai fort is part of Matheran mountain range but distinct from other forts. There is a small temple of Goddess Sondai on top of Sondai Fort. Sondai fort derived it’s name from Sondai Devi. There is no fortification available except some water tanks on Sondai Fort. Sondai fort provides great 360 view of surrounding mountains.

Matheran Mountain Range

More than a fort, Sondai fort is watchtower. Sondai devi is worshiped by locals. Sondai Fort provides amazing view of Irshalgad, Morbe Dam, Matheran, Prabalgad Fort, Karnala Fort, Songiri Fort and Rajmachi Fort.

Sondewadi Village

Sondai Fort Trek Route

Sondewadi village – Small Plateau – Rock Patches – Small Plateau – First Iron Ladder – Second Iron Ladder – Sondai Fort Top

Sondai Fort trek route is easy and well marked till the top of Sondai fort. Sondai fort trek begins from Sondewadi village. Sondai fort trek passes through jungle, rock patches, multiple iron ladders and muddy field.

Sondai Fort Trek Route
Iron Ladders on Sondai Fort Trek

Sondai fort trek is best one day treks near Mumbai and Pune. Monsoon season is best time to visit Sondai fort. Sondai fort is best and ideal treks for beginners and first timers.

Surrounding Mountains of Sondai Fort
View of Irshalgad Fort and Morbe Dam

Please Keep the Nature Clean and Green

Things to See on Sondai Fort Trek:

  1. Multiple Water Tanks
  2. Goddess Sondai Temple
  3. Two Iron Ladders
  4. View of Matheran Mountain Range
  5. Morbe Dam

Camping / Accommodation Facility: Top area of Sondai fort is very small and so camping is not possible on top. There is open plateau just before the first iron ladder and this plateau is best place for camping.

Food / Water Facility: There are not any hotels near Sondewadi village. However, Arrangement of food and water can be done by People of Sondewadi village. Water facility is not available on Sondai fort. Carry enough water with you.

How to reach Sondai Fort

Get down at Karjat Railway station. Karjat can be easily reach from Mumbai, Pune and Thane. There is no direct bus available till base of Sondai Fort. From Karjat catch ST bus or share TumTum to Borgaon Phata (Fare Rs.10 per person). From Borgaon phata walk 5 km to reach Sondewadi village or if lucky then get lift. If you are coming in groups then book vehicle till Sondewadi village. Distance between Karjat and Sondai fort is about 10 km.

Places to Visit near Sondai Fort:

  1. Irshalgad Fort
  2. Matheran
  3. Prabalgad Fort
  4. Karnala Fort
  5. Songiri Fort
  6. Morbe Dam
  7. Rajmachi Fort


Sondai Fort Trek

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