Naneghat is mountain pass which is located near Junnar in Pune District of Maharashtra, India. Nanghat is part of Sahyadri (Western Ghats) Mountain Range. Naneghat is one of the famous and best trekking place near Mumbai, Thane and Pune.

View of Naneghat and Nanacha Angatha

Base Village: Vaishakhare

Elevation/Height: 2461 ft or 740 m

Nearest Railway Station: Kalyan

Grade level: Easy

Endurance Level: Easy

Time Required to Reach the Top: 3 Hours

Best Time to Visit: June to January

View of Naneghat, Jivdhan Fort and Reverse Waterfall

Naneghat Information

Naneghat can be reached via road through Deccan side or by trekking through Konkan via Mountain pass. Naneghat is ancient trade route which was mostly used during the reign of Satavahana (c. 200 BCE – 190 CE). This mountain pass was used to trade between Kalyan and Junnar. The Name nane means “coin” and ghat means “pass”. The name “Naneghat” is given because this trade route was used as tollbooth to collect toll from traders crossing mountain.

View of Nanacha-Angatha from Naneghat Plateau

Naneghat connects the Konkan coast communities with Deccan high plateau through Junnar. Nangehat provides breathtaking view of it’s surrounding hills. Naneghat offers amazing view of Jivdhan Fort, Vanerlingi Pinnacle, Harishchandragad, Bhairavgad, Varhandi Pinnacles, Gorakhgad, Ahupe Ghat, Durg and Dhakoba.

Naneghat Mountain Pass
Naneghat Caves and Water Tanks

Naneghat Trek Route

Naneghat Starting Point – First Entrance Gate – Jungle Route – Second Entrance Gate – Multiple Water Streams – Jungle Route – Stone Made Steps – Mountain Pass – Naneghat Top

Naneghat trek route is easy and well marked till the top of Naneghat. Naneghat trek begins from Naneghat staring point which is easily visible when you travel from Kalyan towards Malshej Ghat. Naneghat trek passes through dense jungle, open plateau, multiple water streams and stone made steps.

Naneghat Trek Jungle Route

People visit Naneghat mostly in monsoon season due to it’s amazing jungle route and greenery all over the route. There is a big cave just before the mountain pass. Naneghat is mostly crowded on weekends during monsoon season.

Naneghat Trek Route in Monsoon Season
View of Gorakhgad, Ahupe Ghat, Durg and Dhakoba

Please Keep the Nature Clean and Green

Things to See on Naneghat Trek:

  1.  Big Cave
  2.  Multiple Waterfalls
  3.  Reverse Waterfall
  4.  Mountain Pass
  5.  Lord Hanuman Temple
  6.  Multiple Water Cistern
  7.  Lord Ganesha Temple
  8.  Pot (used for collection of toll)

Camping / Accommodation Facility: Naneghat is huge and open plateau, so we can do camping over there. If you don’t have tent, then you can stay in Cave. Cave is big and 30-40 people can easily stay over there.

Food / Water Facility: There are multiple small hotels available on Naneghat top, so you can have your food and water.


How to Reach Naneghat

There are two ways to reach Naneghat first one is via Naneghat Starting point and another one is via Ghatghar village.

1) Via Naneghat Starting Point: Get down at Kalyan Railway station which can be be easily reach from Mumbai, Thane and Pune. From Kalyan bus depot catch any ST bus going towards Malshej Ghat and Get down at Tokawade Village. From Tokawde village catch share Tum-Tum or Jeep to reach Naneghat starting point. Distance between Kalyan and Naneghat is about 56 km.

2) Via Ghatghar Village: If you are coming from Pune or Junnar, then catch ST bus to Ghatghar Village. From Ghatghar village it takes 30-40 minutes to reach Naneghat top.

Places to Visit near Naneghat:

  1. Jivdhan Fort
  2. Harishchandragad
  3. Bhairavgad
  4. Durg and Dhakoba
  5. Gorakhgad
  6. Ganpati Gadad Caves
  7. Ahupe Ghat


Naneghat Trek

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