Peb Fort is located near Matheran Hills in Raigad District of Maharashtra, India. Peb fort also known as Vikatgad Fort. Peb fort is popular and one of the best one day trek near Mumbai. Huge number of people visit Peb fort during monsoon season.

View of Matheran Mountain Range

Base Village: Anandwadi / Fanaswadi Village

Elevation/Height: 2100 ft.

Nearest Railway Station: Neral

Grade Level: Medium from Tower Route and Easy from Matheran Rail Route

Endurance Level: Medium from Tower route and easy from Matheran rail route

Best Time to Visit: June to January

Goddess Peb Devi Temple on Top of Peb / Vikatgad Fort

Peb Fort Information

Peb fort aka Vikatgad fort is favourite destination for one day trekkers. Peb fort is continuation of Matheran Mountain Range. Peb fort attracts many nature lovers, photographers and adventure seeker. Peb fort is very crowded on weekends during monsoon season. Peb fort is completely in ruin conditons, we hardly see any fortifiction of Peb Fort.

View of Nakhind, Chanderi Fort, Malang Gad and Tavli – Dadi Maa
View of Kalavantin Durg and Prabalgad Fort

There is a small temple of Peb Devi on top of Peb fort. Peb fort derives its name from Goddess Peb Devi. There is not much history available about this fort. It is consider as this fort was visited by Captain Dickinson in 1818. Shape of this mountain looks like Elephant Headed hence also known as Vikatgad Fort. Peb fort top provides panoramic view Chanderi fort, Nakhind, Tavli, Navra-Navri, Malang gad, Prabalgad, Kalavantin Durg and Dhom Lake.

Matheran Hill Station

Peb Fort Trek Route

Peb Fort Trek route is well marked till the top of Peb Fort. There are two ways to reach Peb fort one via Anandwadi/Fanaswadi village which is also known as Tower route and another one is via Matheran rail route.

1) Anandwadi/Fanaswadi Village Tower Route: Tower route goes through dense forest, waterfalls, rock patches and iron ladders. Tower route is long, tiring but adventures. One can see or explore numbers of Waterfall. Trail begins from newly constructed bridge and initial route goes through paddy fields. We have to follow towers all the way until we entered in dense forest.

Paddy Fields during Tower route of Peb Fort Trek
Multiple Waterfalls on Anandwadi/Fanaswadi Tower route
Peb Fort Trek – Tower Route

After dense forest, we have to go through rock patches and waterfalls. Almost 1 hour of trek and we come across a col (the lowest point between two mountains) . This col is meeting point when we trek Peb fort from Nakhind Ridge. We have to go through 15 feet rock patch and this patch is difficult part of Peb fort trek. We come across large cave and about 30-40 people can stay here. After Cave, there is two iron ladder. After 3 hours of trek, we finally reach top of Peb/Vikatgad Fort.

Anandwadi/Fanaswadi Village – Bridge – Paddy Fields – Small Plateau – Dense Forest – Waterfalls – Rock Patches – Col – 15 feet Rock Patch – Cave – Iron ladders – Jungle Route – Peb Fort Top

View of Tower Route and Waterfalls from Top of Peb Fort

2) Matheran Toy Train/Rail Route: Matheran rail route goes through toy train track and this route is simple. One can see Kadya Varcha Ganapati Idol and Small temple of Sai Baba. We can see Bastion and Multiple water tanks on route. There is small ridge which connect two mountains i.e Matheran and Peb Fort.

Matheran Rail Route – Small Iron Ladder – Matheran Mountain Pass – Ridge Connecting Two Mountains – Two Iron Ladders – Small Plateau – Final Iron Ladder – Peb Fort Top

View of Chanderi Fort and Peb Fort – Matheran Rail Route
Kadya Varcha Ganpati


View of Dhom Lake and Garbett Point

Please Keep the Nature Clean and Green

Things to See on Peb Fort Trek:

  1. Peb Devi Temple
  2. Kadya Varcha Ganpati
  3. Multiple Water Tank
  4. Bastion of Peb/Vikatgad Fort
  5. Anandwadi Waterfall
  6. View of Matheran Mountain Range
  7. Big Caves
  8. Small Hanuman Temple

Time Required to Reach Peb Fort Top: 3 Hours from Tower route and 2 Hours from Matheran Rail route

Camping / Accommodation Facility: Peb Fort has very small area and Camping is not possible on top. There is large cave and this place is best place to stay. This cave can easily accommodate 30-40 people.

Food / Water Facility: Food and Water Facility is available in Anandwadi/Fanaswadi Village. There are multiple small hotels/stalls near Matheran Hill Station.

How to Reach Peb Fort

Peb Fort can be reach via Neral Railway Station. Now, we can start our trek either from Anandwadi / Fanaswadi Village or from Matheran Rail route.

 1) To Reach Anandwadi / Fanaswadi Village: We have to take share auto rickshaw from Neral to reach base village which is     Anandwadi or Fanaswadi Village. Distance between Neral Railway station and Anandwadi / Fanaswadi Village is about 4km.

2) To Reach Matheran Rail Route: One has to take share Taxi to reach Starting point of Peb Fort Trek. Fare is about Rs. 80 Per Person. Distance between Neral Railway station and Peb fort starting point is about 7km.

Places to Visit near Peb Fort:

  1. Matheran Hill Station
  2. Kalavantin Durg
  3. Prabalgad Fort
  4. Garbett Point
  5. Chanderi Fort
  6. Nakhind Ridge
  7. Malang Gad
  8. Tahuli / Dadi Maa / Tavli
  9. Irshalgad Fort


Peb Fort aka Vikatgad Trek

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