Kohoj Fort is located near Vaghote village in Palghar District of Maharashtra, India. Kohoj Fort is easily visible from Manor – Wada road. Kohoj fort is less explored fort in Maharashtra, due to its unmarking route and tiring climb. But route is marked now by frequent trekkers.


kohoj fort trek view
View From the Kohoj Fort

Base Village : Vaghote Village

Elevation/Height:  3200 ft or 975 meters

Grade Level: Medium

Endurance level: High

Nearest Railway Station: Palghar


kohoj fort top
Kohoj Fort Top

Kohoj Fort Information 

 It is said that Kohoj Fort is about 800 years old and belongs to Bhoj-Dynasty. Kohoj Fort was built by King of Gujarat. Portuguese captured this fort from the King of Gujarat in 16th Century. Kahoj Fort is completely destroyed and remains abandoned for hundreds of year. The Great Peshwe captured this fort in 1737. In the end this fort remains under British rule.

When Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj surrendered 22 forts to Mughals on 11 June 1665 under the Treaty of Purander, Kohoj fort was one of them. Kohoj fort has huge are on top and it takes about two hours to explore. The top most peak of Kohoj Fort has Man-Shaped pinnacle which formed due to continuous wind erosion process. This Man-Shaped pinnacle is the main attraction of Kohoj Fort. Kahoj Fort provides amazing view of Tandulwadi Fort and Vaitarna backwaters in South Side, Mumbai-Ahmedabad Express Highway and Vaghaote village on North Side.

remnant of kohoj fort
Some Remnant of Kohoj Fort

Kahoj Fort Trek Route 

Trek to Kahoj fort begins from opposite side of Vaghote village. Initially route goes through paddy fields.After paddy fields we come across a beautiful lake known as Pazhar Lake. Pazhar Lake looks like heart shaped water body when viewed from top of Kahoj fort. Pazhar lake also known as Shelte Lake.

Kohoj fort trek route
Kohoj Fort Trek Route

After Pazhar lake, route goes through dense forest. Route is marked by frequent trekkers with white arrows. One can see numbers of small water streams in monsoon season. After 2 hours tiring climb reach base of the fort. We have to traverse Kohoj fort or we can say we have to do parikrama to reach the top of Kohoj fort.

Vaghote Village – Paddy Fields – Pazhar Lake – Jungle Route – Kohoj Fort Plateau – Kohoj Fort Top 

kohoj fort - pazhar lake (shelte lake)
Pazhar Lake also known as Shelte Lake

Please Keep the Nature Clean and Green

Things to See on Kohoj Trek:

Kohoj Devi Temple

kohoj devi temple kohoj fort
Kohoj Devi Temple


Lord Krishna Temple

lord krishna temple - kohoj fort
Lord Krishna Temple

Man-Shaped Pinnacle

man shaped pinnacle - kohoj fort
Man-Shaped Pinnacle

Pazhar / Shelte Lake

pazhar/shelte lake
Pazhar / Shelte Lake – Heart Shaped Lake

View of Tandulwadi fort and Vaitarna River

tandulwadi fort and vaitarna river
View of Tandulwadi Fort and Vaitarna Backwaters

Lord Hanuman Temple

lord hanuman temple - kohoj fort
Lord Hanuman Temple

Multiple Water Cistern

water tanks - kohoj fort
Water Cistern/Tanks

Main Entrance Gate

entrance gate or bastion - kohoj fort
Main Entrance Gate

Best Time to Visit: June to January

Time Required to Reach Kohoj Fort Top: About 3-4 Hours

Camping / Accommodation Facility: Though, Top area of Kahoj fort is very large, there is no place to take shelter or stay. You should have your own camping things to stay.

Food Facility: There is no hotel available in base village. It is advisable to carry enough food and water supply with you. There are multiple water tanks on Kohoj fort but water is not potable.

How to Reach Kohoj Fort

Kohoj Fort can be reach via Palghar Railway Station. From Palghar railway station go to Palghar bus stop which is about 1km and can be reached by share auto or by walk. From bus stop catch any bus going to Vaghote village which is the base village of Kohoj fort.

Places to Visit near Kohoj Fort:

  • Tandulwadi Fort
  • Kaldurg Fort
  • Asherigad Fort


Kohoj Fort Trek

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